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   New Mexico Weight Distance Tax Report  


Download My Fuel Tax - your tool to file New Mexico Weight Distance TaxDownload My Fuel Tax - your tool to file New Mexico Weight Distance Tax


More about New Mexico Weight Distance Tax   How do I get My Fuel Tax?

New Mexico’s Weight Distance Tax is a weight-distance tax based on miles traveled on New Mexico highways.  When you purchase the Road Tax Upgrade of My Fuel Tax you will have the capability of filing the New Mexico Weight Distance Tax (as well as New York, Kentucky, and Oregon) using the miles already entered for your IFTA report.  And your report will be printed as an exact duplicate of the official State form.  You just print it and sign it.

If you intend to file in New Mexico you would begin by entering your New Mexico Weight Distance Tax number in the box provided at the bottom of the User Profiles Dialog of the Fuel Tax Program.  This number will then show on every New Mexico report that is printed for this User Profile.

Next click the Add/Edit Units button to open the Edit Units Dialog.

At the bottom of the Edit Units Dialog are 4 Tabs, 1 for each of the states requiring a Highway use or Weight Distance Tax and which are covered by the Road Tax Upgrade.  For New Mexico fill in the Highest Gross Weight for this unit during the report quarter.  This will determine the rate as illustrated in the NM Tax Rates Dialog below.  There is also a box to check if this unit is classified with New Mexico as a One-way hauler.  You should check with the State of New Mexico to be classified as a One-way hauler if you think you qualify.

The Rate Table for New Mexico should be checked against the current New Mexico rates.  The Rate Table is easily edited if needed.

This is the Print Dialog for the New Mexico Weight Distance Tax Report.  You will find it by clicking 'All Reports' in the gray menu bar of the Spinnaker Fuel Tax Welcome page.  In this print dialog simply select a customer (the same as User Profile) and select the quarter for which you wish to run the report.  Then click 'Print'.  The text box in the lower part of the dialog will list all units included in the report.


About New Mexico Weight Distance Tax

If you wish to learn more about the New Mexico Weight Distance Tax click here to go directly to the website for the State of New Mexico.