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My Fuel Tax is our IFTA Tax software. Click Here to Download IFTA Fuel Tax 



Finally an Inexpensive Easy to Use IFTA Fuel Tax Software

for Owner/Operators, Fleet Owners, and Third Party Tax Preparers

My Fuel Tax 4.01 is a great fuel tax software for owner/operators, fleet owners, and third party tax preparers when preparing their motor fuel tax return in accordance with International Fuel Tax Agreement regulations (read customer comments). Please read a quick overview of this IFTA tax software below:


Free Quarterly Rate Updates


Can be Shared on a Network


Prints to your Jurisdiction's IFTA Form including Canadian Provinces


Data Import available (PC*Miler, MS Mappoint)


GPS Compatible


Starting at $50.00 per year.


Add KYWD, NMWD, NYHUT, ORHUT, and IRP reporting starting at only $25.00 per year.

Click Here to Read About How to Get My Fuel Tax Software



Customer Comments:

After selling this IFTA tax software for about 9 years we have a lot of happy users. But please don't just take our word for it.

Please read below what our customers say about our software and support:

I just wanted to drop you a line saying thanks for the help getting my old data files transferred to the new version of my fuel tax program. It's nice to call and actually speak to someone and get the situation taken care of quickly. It's a lot like calling a friend. The program itself is awesome. I guess these two reasons alone explain why I've been using your products for Eight years now. Keep up the great work!

Sunset Auto Transport, Ocala, FL - 5/20/2013


The most awesome program I have ever worked with.... Most of all you get to speak to a real person...

Thank you for coming up with the program. It makes my job so I have less stress...........Thanks Again,

 Sir Boss Trucking, House, NM - 3/26/2012


The most important part of my decision to purchase from you , was based on our phone calls. your help in using the program and real life knowledge of what I was doing wrong is appreciated. thank you. Rick

If you have a testimonial page feel free to include my email address thanks again.

Rick, Sycamore, IL - 4/12/2010

Just wanted to say "thanks" for a great program that has really made my being an owner operator a lot easier over the years with using your program. Keep up the great work folks.

Frank, Battle Creek, MI - 11/12/2009


"Thanks for your help..........."

"By the way, the fuel tax program is excellent.  The support is even better!  Thanks again for all your help."

Mike, Grand Rapids, MI - 5/18/2008


"I love your program. and I tell everyone I know that you have the best fuel tax program out there. I hope they purchased it."

Patricia, Manorville, NY - 5/15/2008



How do I get My Fuel Tax?

In order to start using and registering My Fuel Tax Software you simply follow these easy steps:

bullet Download our fuel tax software with the link you also found on the top of this page. If you want to read more first, please click How to use My Fuel Tax
bullet Install our IFTA tax software on your Windows based computer.
bullet Initially ignore any registration messages and try the software in Demo mode to see whether it works as you expected.
bullet Register Fuel Tax: When you are ready to register the Fuel Tax part of the program, you can either activate Help and click on the link that says "Register Fuel Tax Program", or click on "Yes" when the fuel tax registration message comes up. When registering you need to provide the registration number which is also displayed in the Help screen. It consists of  "MFLTLS" followed by a nine digit number. Thank you for trying our software.
bullet If you want to register the form for your jurisdiction the easiest way to do that is to select it from the jurisdiction list in the print dialog. The registration message comes up. Simply click yes, write down the registration number (consists of IFTAFORMZZ, where ZZ is the two letter code for your jurisdiction, and a nine digit number) and proceed to our secure web page. We will update your registration and send you an E-mail afterwards, the prints for your jurisdiction will now be both correct and free of VOID messages. (back to top)